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This is the first time i write to this forum - I have a PS550 and a PDS550 none of them works well, the first works well mechanic but had lost one wire when last owner try to change pick-up (white wire) asking is how to change the wiring in the arm? most i ask about it here in Denmark said it not possible, but i think i had read something about it some years ago on this forum - but can't find it.
The next is the PDS which i just have bought, i think it must be the best of this series - but it had the same problems as the most of the same in the forum. The fuse was blown so nothing works - no lights in everything - i change the fuse - pres the green button - short light in the controllamps and it blows again (no smoke or anything) - what i understand from this fantastic forum is thise consensators should be changes - i had try to show i to different peoble who sell thise here in Denmark - they dont now the numbers - so is there some out there who now where i can get them and know where i should begin.

owns PS500, PS550, PDS550, P1, TG450, TG1000/4, CES1020, A1, regie 450, CSV510, SP1 and 4 set of braun speakers.

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Hello Hans-Jorgen,
welcome to our forum!
You find the schematics for the PDS5550 in this post:
The right picture shows the power supply board.
IMHO anyone who repairs electronic stuff as a professional should be able to read the schematics and thus see what capacitors to use. Still, it is not guaranteed that a simple exchange of elcaps will make your record player work again. You or somebody'll have to look out for the cause that made the fuse blow.
The thread about wiring the PS550 arm should be this one:
I hope you'll understand all the help and hints.
Yours, Gereon

...meistens ist es was Mechanisches...
- wenn es nicht will, wende Gewalt an;
geht es kaputt, hätte es eh gewechselt werden müssen... :wink:

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